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Remineralize your field soils and support the crops that grow in them


Improve soil health and boost nutrient density in your garden


Give houseplants immediate access to vital nutrients and minerals

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About ACTpure Natural “Rock Dust” Soil Amendments


All ACT products are mindfully derived from an all-natural deposit of organic rare-earth essentials that are rich in vital nutrients and minerals.

We source our all-natural, mineral-rich product from a rare, ancient, freshwater lakebed located in Northern Nevada, U.S.A. Today this geological deposit offers key trace minerals not found anywhere else on earth, minerals that can replenish the integrity of soils everywhere.

For Agriculture

ACTpro is ground to < 3/8th-inch to provide a slower-release of essential rare-earth nutrients. ACTpro bolsters the nutrition and resilience of soils, which in turn benefits the life that depends on them—the life of microbes, plants, animals and humans.


  • Environmentally conscious
  • Benefits soil immediately and lasts for years
  • Increase crop nutrition Slow-release for optimal absorption
  • Great for large-scale spreading
  • Powerful in alkalizing acidic/over-fertilized soils
  • Promotes sustainable farming
  • Pure ingredient – you can blend
For Gardens and Lawns

ACTpowder is ground to < 1/8’’ inch powder for use as an all-natural, mineral-rich soil amendment for gardens, lawns, raised beds and large pots. ACTpowder is a chemical-free, certified-organic amendment that strengthens soil health, improves water retention up to 25% and boosts nutrition-density in plants. ACTpowder also builds plant resilience to harsh weather and pests, reducing the need for pesticides.


  • All-natural, certified organic
  • Blend with potting soil or compost
  • Spread on lawns for impressive grass growth
  • For use in home gardens and large potted plants
  • Perfect for greenhouse growing
  • Ideal for seed coating
For Houseplants and Hydroponics

ACTultra is our “finest” mineral application, specially ground to our smallest particle size at 200 mesh. ACTultra is ideal for in-home use with houseplants, including succulents. This solution-grade option is available in a convenient shaker for easy application so soils and plants have immediate access to vital nutrients and minerals. Use ACTultra for fast-absorbing, all-natural mineral application for all of your houseplants.


  • All-natural, certified organic
  • Can be applied directly to houseplant soil
  • Ultra-fine dust can be mixed with water and sprayed (for air plants)
  • Nutrient application for hydroponics growing