Remineralize your field soils and support the crops that grow in them


Improve soil health and boost nutrient density in your garden


Give houseplants immediate access to vital nutrients and minerals

About ACTpure Natural “Rock Dust” Soil Amendments

All ACT products are mindfully derived from an all-natural deposit of organic rare-earth essentials that are rich in vital nutrients and minerals.

We source our all-natural, mineral-rich product from a rare, ancient, freshwater lakebed located in Northern Nevada, U.S.A. Today this geological deposit offers key trace minerals not found anywhere else on earth, minerals that can replenish the integrity of soils everywhere.

We live in a very desolate city on the outskirts of Fernley, NV. We were told to use ACTpowder in our garden to help conserve water. What we found was, not only did the introduction of ACTpowder into the soil conserve water, but our fruits and vegetables grew about 3 times larger than normal. This stuff is amazing, and just what we, as farmers, need.

Warren Rhodes


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