About ACTpromin

Advanced Carbon Technologies have a unique natural calcium oxide deposit that is embedded with a wide range of natural trace elements sourced from an ancient deposit of freshwater gastropods and algae. We know of no other limestone deposit in the world that has anything close to a 31% calcium oxide content that has been metamorphosed by the extreme underground heat over tens of thousands of years. Numerous agricultural departments of the academic world have been amazed when validating the numerous assay lab reports that confirm this uniquely high percentage of valuable calcium oxide as well as the farmers who keep coming back for more.

The unusually high 31% of calcium oxide that ACTpromin has, allows its essential minerals to become nutritionally available to food crops in a rapid time released manner.

Industrially run farms of today need to rebuild their depleted soils. NPK and many other fertilizers and supplements do not nurture the soil bacteria, flora and long term soil balance. Correct organic remineralization of soil improves taste, extends shelf life, and lessens disease and excessive irrigation requirements.

All ACTpromin products are sourced from an organic rare-earth calcium oxide deposit at the site of an ancient, freshwater lakebed located in Northern Nevada. Millions of years ago, this ancient lake delta was home to a thriving marine ecosystem, including gastropods. These gastropods could only thrive under the purest of circumstances, and the unique mineral make-up of their fossils reflects that. The area around this fossilized geology experienced a long term prehistoric era of near surface extreme heat with numerous volcanic and geothermal activity. This in turn metamorphosed the gastropod shells into calcium oxide. Without the associated calcium oxide, the trace elements would lack the powerfully efficient bio friendly delivery mechanism beneficial to all plant and livestock needs.

Our ACTpromin products are ground to meet the needs of a variety of applications, including agriculture, gardening, landscaping, house plant care, and hydroponics.

Unlike the great majority of manufactured calcium oxides that use oil, gas, coal or wood burning for production, our mineral rich organic product is stable and safe to use in comparison to the polluting processed kiln created calcium oxides.

  • Environmentally conscious and certified organic.
  • Benefits soil immediately, having stability that lasts for years.
  • Increases crop nutrition with a slow-release, for optimal absorption and many harvests.
  • Great for large-scale spreading.
  • Powerful in alkalizing acidic/over-fertilized soils.
  • Promotes sustainable farming without polluting the atmosphere.
  • Pure ingredients – you can blend.
  • Lessens disease, irrigation demand, and improves shelf life.
  • Reintroduces depleted trace elements.



During the Miocene and Pliocene epochs a freshwater biomicrite of algae, gastropods and bivalve mollusc shells deposit at the delta of Lake Lahontan which once stretched across 8,610 miles and reached depths of up to 500 ft.


1.2 million years ago extreme heat from volcanic and hydrothermal activity caused the freshwater Miocene and Pliocene limestone deposit to metamorphose from a common calcium carbonate into a very rare high grade calcium oxide with trace minerals colloidal deposit.


Early 20th Century – Sacramento basin population booms, agriculture increases. Farmers don’t want local limestone deposits but send for an amazing calcium oxide deposit with trace elements all the way from an ancient lakebed in Northern Nevada to remineralize their soil.


Post-war factories that produced nitrogen and ammonia for the second world war, switched to making powerful chemical fertilizers and our unique mineral-rich limestone that was used as a fertilizer suffered a rapid decline to be almost forgotten.


After years of massive NPK soil demineralization and ongoing acidification of soils. Farmers realize that calcium carbonate limestones have limitations and that they need a calcium oxide-based ph balance with precious minerals. Research and Lab reports confirm the reason why ACTpromin was so popular historically. Its 31% calcium oxide with minerals is a unique solution to the industrial farming practices that overwhelm soil habitat. Consequently, Advanced Carbonate Technologies (ACT) is formed.