1. What is ACTpure?

ACTpure is the product line of our all-natural, mineral-rich deposit or “rock dust” soil amendments available for agriculture, landscaping, gardening, houseplant care, and hydroponics. Our products include ACTpro, ACTpowder, and ACTultra.

2. Where do you source ACTpure products?

ACTpure products are sourced from fossilized gastropods that existed millions of years ago in an ancient freshwater lake out in Northern Nevada. The gastropod fossils are rich with trace minerals that plants need to grow strong and yield hearty fruits.

The formation of ACTpure calcium deposits happened during a time, millions of years ago, when the Sierra Nevada Mountains rose to a height to intercept moisture, and it is not expected to ever rise to that height again. It was what geologists refer to as the late Miocene Pliocene epoch. Some would say it is one of the many wonders of the world today, and we have it available for purchase today.


3. How do ACTpure Calcium deposit products compare to other Calcium deposits?

ACTpure is unique in that gastropods can only form in the purest of circumstances, so their remains give off what geologists have confirmed as Calcium Oxide. What differentiates a Calcium Oxide versus a Calcium Carbonate — which you would find in other “rock dust” soil amendments — is the ability for the Calcium in ACTpure products to separate itself from the Oxygen, allowing the Calcium to be readily available for plant uptake.

There are an overwhelming amount of calcium deposit products out there, so how do you choose? The answer is simply quality over quantity. For example, you could buy Calcium Carbonate Limestone for less than ACTpure, but it takes a substantial amount more than ACTpure to get the same benefit, and it does not provide the benefit for the length of time ACTpure can.

4. How do you apply ACTpure products?

ACTpure products are easily applied to the tops of soil and can also be blended with other soil amendments and fertilizers. Learn more about applying ACTpure products by downloading the ACT Mineral Report and Usage Guidelines


When applying the ultra-fine ACTultra, avoid shaking the duster too rigorously as to avoid creating plumes of smoke. The small particles, if regularly inhaled, can be dangerous to your lungs. You can minimize risk by simply applying the product slowly and away from your face.

5. What types of plants can you use ACTpure products on?

ACTpure products are acceptable for use on all fruits, vegetables, grains and inedible plants. All plants need Calcium deposits to grow big and strong.

6. Is ACTpure toxic?

ACTpure is composed of gastropod fossils derived from an ancient freshwater lakebed. The sediment is not toxic and can feasibly be consumed by animals and humans. However, we do not sell food-grade products at this time.

There is nothing toxic about our product (it’s only rock dust!) but there is minimal risk using the ultra-fine ACTultra in large amounts without face protection. This is because the particles are ground into a powder that allows the plants to take up the nutrients quickly. Because the dust is so fine, it can be dangerous if you breathe in too much of it. Just be careful when applying a lot of ACTultra at once, and wear a face mask if you’re regularly applying a lot at once.

7. Do you sell ACTpure products for human nutrition?

No, we do not sell ACTpure products for human consumption. However, the ACTpure products are non-toxic to humans and animals, so if your cat gets a mouthful of it, he will be fine.

8. Does the ACTpure product line contain volcanic ash?

No, ACTpure products are not sourced from volcanic material. ACTpure is composed of fossilized gastropods and mineral deposits located in the ancient freshwater lakebed in Nevada.

9. Is ACTpure alkaline?

Yes. ACTpure products are gentle on plant root hair requirements and help alkalize acidic or over-fertilized soils to a more essential neutral pH.

10. Where can I find the full mineral report for ACTpure products?

You can find the full mineral report by downloading the ACT Mineral Report and Usage Guidelines 

11. Do ACTpure products contain heavy metals?

ACTpure has considerably less heavy metal content than a typical soil sample anywhere else. ACTpure products are sourced directly from the ground of an ancient lakebed, where gastropods formed because of the purest of circumstances.

ACTpure products are also OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified organic and have not been chemically altered in any way.

12. Do ACTpure products contain human waste?

Absolutely not. The reason we bring this up is because there were a few recent articles that came out exposing the toxic reality of biofeed. According to these sources, biofeed contains human waste. ACTpure products are purely rock dust. We do not add anything to it.

13. How do I store my ACTpure products?

Store all ACTpure products in a dry place with the container sealed. It’s important to keep moisture out the product.

14. Where do I find ACT's Safety Data Sheet (SDS)?

Click to download PDF: Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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