For Gardens & Lawns

Improve Water Retention. Replenish Garden Soil. Grow Like Wild.

ACTpowder is ground to < 1/8’’ inch powder for use as an all-natural, mineral-rich soil amendment for gardens, lawns, raised beds, and large pots. ACTpowder is a chemical-free, certified-organic amendment that strengthens soil health, improves water retention by up to 25%, and boosts nutrition-density in plants. ACTpowder also builds plant resilience to harsh weather and pests, reducing the need for pesticides.


1/8” and minus

Available in 10 lb totes, 50 lb buckets, super sacks, bulk truckloads

  • All-natural certified organic
  • Blend with potting soil or compost
  • Spread on lawns for impressive grass growth
  • For use in home gardens and large potted plants
  • Perfect for greenhouse growing
  • Ideal for seed coating