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Boost Your Yield With Trace Elements in Calcium Oxide.

ACTpromin is ground to different sizes from ¾”, 3/8”, 1/8 or fine powder for different consumer requirements. The smaller the size the faster the activation of slow release nutrients. 3/8ths of an inch will provide a much slower-release of essential rare-earth nutrients that should last a upto to 3 years with other ongoing benefits well after that. ACTpromin bolsters the nutrition and resilience of soils, which in turn benefits the life that depends on them—the life of microbes, plants, animals and humans.

    3/8” and minus

    Available in 50 lb buckets, super sacks, bulk truckloads

    • Alkalises acidic soils with bio available trace elements.
    • All Natural, Certified Organic.
    • Benefits soil immediately and lasts for years
    • Increase Crop Nutrition, Plant Health and Shelf Life
    • Water Soluble Slow-Release for Optimal Absorption
    • Great for large-scale spreading
    • Powerful in Alkalizing over-fertilized Acidic soils
    • Promotes Sustainable Farming
    • Pure Organic Ingredients – you can blend
    • Lessens Plant Disease and Water Demand
    • Replenishes vital Trace Elements
    • The Calcium Oxide allows for a much more rapid nutritional uptake
    • Repairs depleted soils due to NPK usage.

        “My name is Dan Pingel and I have been farming tomatoes , peppers and cantaloupe for the last 40 years outside of Marysville, California. I sell mostly to very demanding restaurants that only want the best organic quality.
    I am a very much a hands on organic farmer who closely watches the results of all the changes I introduce to the growing process. I carefully watched for the results of the ACTpromin calcium oxide with colloidal trace elements  and logically expected very good results. 

         But I was more than surprised at the difference. The veggies and especially the tomatoes now taste much better, becoming a lot sweeter. They also definitely have a much longer shelf life. And the disease conditions I used to struggle with completely disappeared. My fruit trees also responded really well. I will keep using this wonderful supplement and am really happy that in my research I was able to have found it.”

    Dan Pingel

    Marysville, California

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