For Houseplants

 The Finest Houseplant Soil Amendment Around

ACTpromin 200 Mesh is our “finest” mineral application, specially ground to our smallest particle size at 200 mesh. ACTpromin 200 Mesh organic houseplant soil amendment is ideal for in-home use with houseplants, including succulents. This solution-grade option is available in a convenient shaker for easy application so soils and plants have immediate access to vital nutrients and minerals. Use ACTpromin 200 Mesh for fast-absorbing, all-natural mineral application for all of your houseplants.

    200 mesh

    Available in in 1 lb duster, 8 lb totes

    • All-natural, certified organic
    • Can be applied directly to houseplant soil
    • Ultra-fine dust can be mixed with water and sprayed (for air plants)
    • Nutrient application for hydroponics growing

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